Transient Thermal Simulation of Mould Tool A – COOLING

Mould Tool Cooled DescriptionThis simulation is based on hypothetical mould tool being cooled after mould injection had been made. Simulation time duration 100s. Innitial temp. 353,15 [K], ambient temp 293,15 [K]

LISA Thermal Simulation of Hypothetical Mould Tool Being Cooled. Two mould cavities are filled with PA66 of temp 330*C (603,15K) and then cooling occurs. Coolant’s temp is 100*C (293,15K). The tool must be warmed up to approx 100*C (297,15K) to avoid short shots as mould cavities are 15cm deep and 0.5cm wide. Typical thermal values for water, tool steel, copper were chosen to perform simulation.

Due to Graphic Card post processing isn’t as fluent as I would like to but is efficient enough to visualize transient thermal behavior of temperature filed in this case.

Please see video below.

Cooling Heating 1 Injection Heating 2
temp. [K] 293,15 423,15 603,15 423,15
temp. [*C] 20 150 330 150
time duration [s] 49 9,4 2,5 34,5
time start [s] 11 0,1 8 60,5
time end [s] 60 9,5 10,5 95

Material properties

Thermal Conductivity Specific Heat Density
Material [W/mK] [J/kgK] [kg/m3]
Tooling Steel 27,4 460 7890
Water 0,6 4187 1000
PA 66 GF 0,3 1700 1570
AIR 0,025 1005 1,168
Heaters COPPER 54,0 380 7650

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