Water Cycle For an Industrial Plant (Shankey/Bolberitz graph)

Water Management – Water Cycle For Industrial Plant

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Water Cycle Design For An Industrial Plant contains:

-supply system profile (pipeline with features) which contain as follow: PDF
*comparative level (AMSL)
*ground elevation (ASML)
*pipeline axis elevation (ASML)
*pressure elevation (ASML)
*pieline material/slope

-water cycle scheme which contains as follow: PDF
*quantities of water supplied/returned
*temperatures of water (temperature drop/rise)
*names of the infrastructure objoects (e.g cooling tower. See technical description)
*shift hours in the plant

Shankey Bolberitz Chart PDF describes graphically quantities/temperatures/ways etc. of water in the cycle for the shift 6-22
Please e-mail me if you are interested in CAD copy with technical description on which the drawings are based.