Sola River in Aushwitz section B (Oswiecim) Antiflood Engineering (602 [m] long section)

River Engineering (antiflood management) in Oswiecim (Aushwitz) (PL) km 52+100,00 to 52+702,19








The drawings show:
1) plan view of the Sola River in Polish city Oswiecim (Aushwitz) with designed route of 602 meters

2 ) profile of the stream with natural an engineered elements with their attributes, from the top you can see as follow:
– comparative level (all levels are based on elevation above main sea level in meters AMSL)
– elevation of the right bank (AMSL)
– elevation of the left bank (AMSL)
– elevation of existing watercourse bed in the stream’s current (AMSL)
– elevation of the watercourse bed in the axis of the designed rute (AMSL)
– designed slopes
– elevation of designed stream bed
– engineered elements of the designed route
– distances and hectometers (chainage)
3 ) reinforcement detail – designed to withstand flow volumes and velocity of the current (kinetic energy)

4 ) all designed river cross sections with natural river bed and designed indicating Water Surface Level with Volume of maximum reliable flow
and considering optimal hydrodynamic balance of the riverbed using Peter Muller equation (see technical description)
Please e-mail me if you are interested in PDF or CAD copy with technical description on which the drawings are based.


Engineered Sola River plan view PDF

Sola River profile with natural an engineered elements with their attributes PDF

Reinforcement detail to withstand kinetic energy of the water (volume and velocity) PDF


Section 1 scale 1:1/5

Section 2 scale 1:1/5

Section 3 scale 1:1/5

Section 4 scale 1:1/5

Section 5 scale 1:1/5

Section 6 scale 1:1/5

Section 7 scale 1:1/5

Section 8 scale 1:1/5