Hyper-elastic simulation of an O-Ring

One of the exercises from my postgraduate course in simulations done in Ansys with use of APDL. This time another solver than Ansys in use.

Short informative overlook at hyper-elastic analysis capabilities of Mecway, with CalculiX solver usage. Mecway v5BETA was used with 1000 nodes limit, which is the case why mesh is so coarse. In analysis, 2 parameter Mooney-Rivlin material model was used. Rigid body motion, contact and self contact were used. Non-linear analysis type. Results are for reference only!

What you can observe here is:

  • high non-linearities (large deformations)
  • self contact
  • rigid body motion

Some of the so called CAD FEM systems are struggling with such demanding conditions. CalculiX is very powerful engine but requires additional pro-/pre- processing tool or a bit of patience, knowledge and fond for simulations ;)


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