Mecway Error Codes

1-4 digit error codes without a P in front are from ARPACK when solving large eigenvalue problems. From the ARPACK manual:

          =  1: Maximum number of iterations taken.

                All possible eigenvalues of OP has been found. IPARAM(5)  

                returns the number of wanted converged Ritz values.

          =  2: No longer an informational error. Deprecated starting

                with release 2 of ARPACK.

          =  3: No shifts could be applied during a cycle of the 

                Implicitly restarted Arnoldi iteration. One possibility 

                is to increase the size of NCV relative to NEV. 

                See remark 4 below.

          = -1: N must be positive.

          = -2: NEV must be positive.

          = -3: NCV must be greater than NEV and less than or equal to N.

          = -4: The maximum number of Arnoldi update iterations allowed

                must be greater than zero.

          = -5: WHICH must be one of ‚LM’, ‚SM’, ‚LA’, ‚SA’ or ‚BE’.

          = -6: BMAT must be one of ‚I’ or ‚G’.

          = -7: Length of private work array WORKL is not sufficient.

          = -8: Error return from trid. eigenvalue calculation;

                Informational error from LAPACK routine dsteqr.

          = -9: Starting vector is zero.

          = -10: IPARAM(7) must be 1,2,3,4,5.

          = -11: IPARAM(7) = 1 and BMAT = ‚G’ are incompatable.

          = -12: IPARAM(1) must be equal to 0 or 1.

          = -13: NEV and WHICH = ‚BE’ are incompatable.

          = -9999: Could not build an Arnoldi factorization.

                   IPARAM(5) returns the size of the current Arnoldi

                   factorization. The user is advised to check that

                   enough workspace and array storage has been allocated.

Error codes beginning with „P” are from the Pardiso linear equation solver:

P-1 Input inconsistent

P-2 Not enough memory

P-3 Reordering problem

P-4 Zero pivot, numerical factorization or iterative refinement problem

P-5 Unclassified (internal) error

P-6 Reordering failed (matrix types 11 and 13 only)

P-7 Diagonal matrix is singular

P-8 32-bit integer overflow problem

P-9 Not enough memory for OOC

P-10 Problems with opening OOC temporary files

P-11 Read/write problems with the OOC data file

6-digit error codes beginning with „E” are bugs and there’s no list of the meanings of the codes. Please report any of these you find.

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