Underrun Challenge few thoughts

19/03/2014 – I am one of the finalists of the GrabCAD and SimScale Challenge (FINALISTS). Unfortunately my lightest design version 2 (weight 43 kg) isn’t on the list for some reason which puts my position below other 3 finalists with  design version 1 which is 45,5 kg. Looking at the results I would be 2nd if my lightest design was in use. First finalist used topology optimization when I just based on my knowledge not software. Please keep fingers cross for me :)

21/03/2014 – Results were announced, my design is 8th out of 107 entries, happy but not throughout as my design was done along with the spec and was 2nd the lightest which was the main objective of the challenge, my design passed stiffness test not everyone from first 5 did (von Mises lower than 355MPa on all load cases) but as I see it, outlook/prettiness made the decision of the Jury. LINK to the results. Anyway, congratulations to all participants for innovation!