Curriculum Vitae

 PROFILE: Proficient team player, creative and open minded, focused on detail Engineer with 5+ years hands-on design and liaising with clients international experience. Ready to face challenges. I am keen to learn.


  • 2.5 years as a DESIGN ENGINEER in home appliances industry (current position) (UK)
  • 3 years as a DESIGN ENGINEER in Oil&Gas (UK)
  • 4 months as DESIGN ENGINEERING ASSISTANT in infrastructural engineering (PL)
  • 3 years as STUDY TECHNICIAN in pharmaceutical laboratory (UK)




  • CAD: CREO 2 Parametric (Pro/E),  ZW3D, NX 8.5,  AutCAD 2007, ZWCAD 2014, TurboCAD v6, DraftSight, FreeCAD, Google SketchUp.
  • CAE (FEA & CFD): CREO 2 Simulate (Pro/Mechanica),  LISA FEM, MECWAY, Z88 Aurora, ANSYS, HyperWorks, HEC-RAS. (interest in learning/practicing COMSOL, CalculiX, Elmer, OpenFOAM…).
  • OFFICE: MS Office, Open Office


  • Postgraduate diploma at Gdansk University of Technology/Des-Art/Polish Science Academy – Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery/ Oct, 2015 – Jun, 2016 (1 year) / Applied numerical methods in engineering.


  • BSc: Cracow University of Technology in Poland / Oct, 2006 – Apr, 2010 (4,5 years) / Water Engineering and Water Resources Management.




Postgraduate course:

A course for engineers who were seeking in depth knowledge of using advanced numerical simulations to solve engineering problems FEA/CFD.
Course organised by:
Gdansk University of Technology.
Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery, Polish Academy of Science.

Software used:
1) HyperWorks (Radioss/OptiStructs/HyperStudy/AcuSolve/HyperMesh/HyperBody…)
2) ANSYS Mechanical Classic (Introduction to APDL)
3) LAMMPS – Molecular Dynamic Simulator

Simulated physical problems:
1) Solid body mechanics (Implicit/Explicit linear and non-linear)
a) structural: static, dynamic, fatigue, eigen modes + frequencies, buckling, hyperelasticity…
b) thermal: heat transfer, dilatation, welding, transient and steady state
2) Fluid Mechanics (CFD) + Acoustics
3) Molecular Dynamics not considering quantum mechanics (FCC Argon Crystal Bulk modulus derivation)
4) Bio-mechanics (theoretical insight)
6) Electromagnetism (NDT, Joule Heating…)
7) Optimization techniques
8) Multi Body Dynamics


BSc course:

Course covering Civil / Environmental / Utilities / Water Engineering

More description will be added in future.


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